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Ours is a World of Aspirations Toward a Future Well-being

Welcome to Alfstad Capital’s online presence within the electron world of wonderment, wisdom, and wizardry. We have put a tremendous amount of thought and care into what you will find here. Our team has worked to create a site where you can come to know us, learn about who we are, and what it is we do for our valued clients.

Seeking a Point in Time by Defining Very Personalized Goals

Ours is a world of aspirations toward a future well-being, seeking a point in time by defining very personalized goals and then working to bring them to life and conclusion. As you would expect, the goals are as varied and numerous as are the families, institutions, and individuals who are our clients. Similarly, the plans vary from the simple beginnings all the way to the complexity of wealth management; they are as varied as they should be given the unique situation each holds and each looks ahead toward. Each is cared for equally with our understanding the importance to each need and desire.

Working to Bring Goals to Life and Conclusion

We strive to make navigation simple; the tabs on the left can get you started and move you into the specific area of our expertise and your needs intersect, our where we come to know you exceptionally well and our team is best suited to become your advocate in financials affairs. Here is a snapshot of each;

  • Institutional Fixed Income is our group that works with portfolio managers who work in the world of financial institutions and the bond markets. 
  • Financial Planning & Advisory Services are for individuals and families who are seeking guidance concerning matters of a financial or investment nature.
  • Wealth Management is our group that serves the needs of those with who wish to work with specialists concerning the preservation of existing wealth, estate planning, business succession, trust needs, and the needs for more complex investment, planning, and taxation guidance. 
  • Resources is where anyone who visits can find our Daily Market / Economic Commentary published under our trademarked title Profentia. It also has a section of third-party commentaries done by friends whose excellence is well established. As well, we have a recommended reading list that encompasses matters of investment and finance, but we go well beyond that into matters of history, economics, faith, spirituality, mindfulness, social change, and even some fiction.