Financial Advisory



Why do we work with advisors?

We bring professionals into our private lives to assist us in our efforts to achieve important goals; goals toward financial security later in life, goals to meet family obligations like weddings and education, goals that center on traveling, philanthropy, and hobbies. We hope for a better outcome than we feel we are capable of creating alone. We seek a relationship embedded deeply in trust where we can benefit from the professional skills of expert in fields that are complex, risky, full of uncertainty, and often scary.

What do we hope to accomplish and what do we want the relationship to be?

Often we will undertake long-term projects, saving for retirement for instance, that can be decades long in their proper execution, and that length of time will undoubtedly capture times of distress, economic frailty, and personal matters that insist upon our attention away from the project and we can’t just ignore it and return later hoping it is all well and good. We all need a team of support providers we can assemble; we need strengths and abilities in others where our own are lacking or even absent. Financial matters in particular have been found to be the most frightening area of our lives. Here we need a communicator, someone who is proficient in the complexities of the markets, taxes, trusts, and planning for the future. Our advisors, who over time we trust the most deeply, are those whose words and actions prove time and again that our interests come first and foremost in the relationship and their actions on our behalf. We seek viewpoints and insights and sometimes answers to unsettling situations or developments and life’s untimely disruptions and challenges; we need someone to help us through the rough patches.

Where do we find such an opportunity?

Forty years of experience in the world of finance brings a depth of wisdom, knowledge and an ability to stay a course once properly and fully set. Forty years in the capital markets working with institutional clients and high net worth private clients; this is the essence of Alfstad Capital and its founder Mike Alfstad.

At a company that exists to help, to guide, to stand together with clients during times of deep turmoil like Black Monday in long ago 1987, or like the Tech Bubble of 1999, and then the Great Recession of 2008.

At a company like ours, where we enjoy the opportunity to help at the beginning of a young career or family as well as the troubling mid-life realities, and, of course, when the time is at hand to preserve capital at the end of the accumulation phase. Planning and advice are sometimes the starting point; investing is still years away but life doesn’t lack for the need to make good decisions. Regardless of when in our lives, we can enjoy the financial confidence that good advisors bring our way.