Institutional Fixed Incomes



Welcome to the oldest, the ground-zero starting point of our company, the Institutional Fixed Income side.

Alfstad Capital was launched in June 2005, but its founder launched his career in fixed income in 1981, and he moved to the coverage of financial institutions a year later. In the nearly four decades since that time, our clients have been banks, insurance companies, state and local governments, trust companies, mutual funds, and credit unions. 

Throughout all those many years we have operated under one crystal clear principal; in placing the needs of our clients first and foremost, our needs are easily met. Today, things are different in a way that deeply matters to our clients regardless of which niche they occupy. Since 2005, we have enjoyed bringing a distinct competitive advantage to our institutional clients, an advantage that we believe cannot be found elsewhere. We decided to join Commonwealth and become truly independent because it is one of the largest independent broker/dealers in our financial service industry. Unlike any of the primary dealers or the regional dealers or the bank subsidiaries in the markets, Commonwealth has no inventory to sell, it has no underwriting group manufacturing products that must be pushed into client holdings, and it has no parent ownership obligations that are all in and of themselves profit centers—all of which work against the interests of the clients—you. 

Over a decade after our founding in 2005, we strive to serve our clients with exceptional execution and communications. We execute your trades with a number of the primary dealers, some of the regionals as well; we are active constantly in USTs, GSEs, MBS, Tax-Exempts/Taxable Munis, and the Credit Markets.