For a long time, in order to receive professional guidance on your investment portfolio, you needed to turn your portfolio management over to a financial professional. While this may make sense for many clients, others may prefer to maintain control of things like final investment selection, trade execution, and custody of assets for personal reasons.

That’s why we’ve added Wealth Management Consulting to our practice. Wealth Management Consulting is a great fit for those who prefer to maintain control over their own portfolios but occasionally would like a professional opinion on investment selection or risk exposure, or for those who would like assistance with financial projects outside of asset management.

The Advisors offer consulting services that are designed to assist with the challenges that arise from the accumulation, transfer, and distribution of assets. Such services may include:

  • Financial planning, budgeting, and cash flow analysis
  • Income tax analysis
  • Education planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Estate planning investment analysis
  • Business succession planning
  • Fringe benefit analysis
  • Corporate 401(k) analysis

These services are available at an hourly rate, or we can charge a flat fee for ongoing projects. We’ll do whatever suits your situation. Through Wealth Management Consulting, we provide you with the same quality service that all of our clients have come to expect, but you remain free to implement any recommended course of action “on your own.”

Of course, we will gladly assist you in any capacity you wish. So, whether you choose us to take over your portfolio management, or you hire us to consult on a project, we will provide you with exemplary service that will help you grow closer to reaching your financial goals.